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Thursday, December 1, 2016

How to Answer Why You Left Your Last Job

Of all of the questions asked and answered when looking for a job there is one which seems to cause an enormous pause. Why did you leave your last job? This is a hurdle for a number of different reasons. 
It is a spot where people get stuck and some appear like a deer looking into the oncoming headlights of a car. Being prepared for this is an enormous hurdle and sigh of relief after crossing.

Never let anyone explain there is one simple pat answer to give all employers for any position. It does not play out that smoothly. In fact, for those in the habit of simply slapping down something as simple as "my supervisor had a bad attitude" should look forward to nothing happening. This means no interview after the resume or even a glimpse at an offer for a job. 

Avoid the outright light, but bending the truth in your favor is sometimes okay. Depending on the circumstance makes an enormous difference for one works and which one is a dud. Check these out and put them to use of possible.
Location, location, location

This is a great reply and certainly understandable. For countless people it happens to be the the truth.  A job closer to home always looks better.

A physical move within a city or town makes it more expensive to get to work and out of boundaries of the transportation budget. Gas prices, wear and tear on a vehicle and not to mention weather conditions are also combined with how far a person travels to and from work and is it worth it.

How about using private or public transportation? A move is liable to make a one way trip increase from 15 minutes to over an hour. A company is even been known to change addresses. The new address may not have access to public transportation at all.
 Need more responsibility or challenge

This is a typical go to for countless workers. It is generally not a fib. Entry level jobs are where it becomes boring rather quickly and the eye begins looking for change. 

Some folks will take a position where the repititive actions are boring in a matter of months and are unable to see a future of doing the same thing for years to come.
What a person wants out of a job at 18 changes with time. The same person turns 24 and the entire world changes for them. Priorities or responsibilities are sometimes an enormous influence in most circumstances. Regardless, the shoe fits so wear it.

It is time for a change

This is one reserved for those employees with years of experience in one field or with the company a long time. Typically at the point of becoming vested is when the restlessness begins.

Time for a change after one or two paychecks is going to look awfully silly as an answer for leaving your last job. 

Even staying within the same field after spending at least a year with a company looks okay linked with this answer.

There was something specific about the last job I didnt like, but there is none of the same duties with this job

A wonderful example is something along these lines... my last job had walking a minimum of at least 5 miles a day. However, this new position is no working at all. This makes a wonderful fit for me.

Believe it or not are some people who enjoy working nights. The  vast majority of people do not. This makes it easy to move from one position on the night shift to an offer of a day shift. Countless parents work a specific shift to coordinate hours with a spouse, daycare or school hours. When these things change it affects the reason a change looks better.

 In conclusion

These are some great ways to explain to a new or prospective employer why moving from one job to another is a good thing. 

Avoid bad mouthing former coworkers, bosses or companies as a reason for moving to a new position. This comes off extremely negative for the job seeker. That bad thing is basically there is a lot of truth in these statements, but it comes off as winy and labeled under bad attitude.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Visual Resumes

Resumes have evolved by leaps and bounds over the last several years. They are about to take another turn. A new word for the resume vocabulary is visual resumes. For some people there is no surprise this is the direction for the future for tons of job seekers.

This is possibly due to the fact more and more employers are taking the time to due Skype or internet connection interviews. Why not include resumes in the same category. Find out the in and outs, ups and downs and other interesting facts about a visual resume from a wonderful author. Miss Katina Davenport has shared some valuable material on the subject in her article

Whether or not they catch on remains to be seen. Most people like the quickest and easiest kinds of resumes as a rule. Thinking about it puts one of these in that category.

Visual Resumes Could be the Resumes of the Future


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Working on Getting the Job After the Interview

An outstanding resume and confidence will get you far in the game of job searching. Most candidates with persistence find interviews are in their future. Meeting with the hiring manager of any business or company is a formidable task. In fact, some of the most qualified candidates which have done it several times over still have butterflies in the tummy. After the interview things need to be done to assure they realize you are the best candidate for the job.

This is a wonderful article I wrote at Hubpages pointing out the techniques to keep to after your important meeting.


Come and check it out. This is a great community with lots of quality work. Hubpages is moving up in the world of writing and I for one am happy.